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​Make just enough of this recipe. Use the portion planning tool to calculate exactly how much of each ingredient you'll need.1. Clean and prepare all of the vegetables and set aside.2. In a large fry pan, add the oil and heat over medium to high heat.3. First add the onions, carrots and peppers and cook until they begin to turn translucent, and remove from the pan.4. Add the chicken which has been chopped into ½ inch dice. Mix well and cook until the chicken has firmed up and turned lighter in colour. 5. Once the chicken is cooked about 8 min add the teriyaki sauce and mix well. About 2 min.6. Add the cooked vegetable to the mixture in the pan and let simmer for 1 – 2 min. 7. Prepare the noodles according to the instructions and place in a shallow bowl.8. Pour the teriyaki chicken and vegetable over the noodles and top with the sliced green onions.