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Make just enough of this recipe. Use the portion planning tool to calculate exactly how much of each ingredient you’ll need.Add enough clarified butter to a saute pan to just cover the bottom with a thin film. Place on the range over moderate heat.While the pan is heating, season the chicken breasts and dredge in flour, shake off excess flour.Place the breast in the hot pan, presentation side (that is, the side that had the skin) down.Saute over moderate heat until lightly browned and about half cooked. The heat must be regulated so the chicken doesn't brown too fast.Turn the chicken over and complete cooking.Remove the chicken from the pan and place on the hot dinner plate. Keeping the chicken hot. (or place in the over at 150°C until the sauce is done)Add the mushrooms to the pan and sauté briefly. After a few seconds, before the mushrooms start to darken, add the lemon juice. Toss the mushrooms in the pan as they sauté.Add the supreme sauce to the pan and simmer a few minutes, or until reduced to the proper consistency. (the juices from the mushrooms will dilute the sauce)Ladle or spoon 60ml of sauce over each portion and serve immediately.





Supreme Sauce SauceSupreme Sauce