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Make just enough of this recipe. Use the portion planning tool to calculate exactly how much of each ingredient you’ll need.Place the flour in a large bowl.  Combine the salt, pepper to the flour and then add the chicken. Make sure you dredge the chicken well and shake off any excessHeat the oil in a large sauté pan. Add the chicken pieces and brown well over medium to high heat.As the chicken pieces are browning turn on the crock pot to medium high heat and prepare to slow cook for the 4-8 hours.Place the chicken pieces in the crock pot, and add in all remaining ingredients Make sure the chicken is mixed well and cooks until done. (Should fall off the bone)Cook pasta to order according to the basic procedure (4 liters of boiling salted water per 1lb of pasta. Bring water to boil and add pasta, and stir a few times. Drain when cooked to al dente (firm to the tooth) let air dry. This way the starch stays to the exterior of the pasta and the sauce will stick)Place pasta in bowl and top with chicken pieces and sauce.