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Celebrating this Thanksgiving without food waste

Make Just Enough

When you are cooking for a big group, it can be difficult to know just how much food you have to prepare. The Waste Portion Planner can be your solution! But, chances are you’ll still have some leftovers, so don’t forget to ask your guests to bring a reusable container. You can send them home with the excess, so your aren’t faced with the chore of throwing away perfectly good food because you know that you won’t be able to eat it all.

Have A Plan

Create your dinner menu with the days ahead in your mind. How will you be using what doesn’t get eaten on the big day? A little creativity, coupled with a bit planning, can eliminate the likelihood you’ll have to throw out uneaten food. Did you know that mashed potatoes will keep for up to 2 months in the freeze? Check out the Freezer Guide for more advice on how to ensure any leftovers you have at the end of the night can be saved for a later date. And don’t forget, we haven’t always had the easy access to food we enjoy today, so people around the world have been finding solutions to leftovers for centuries. Some traditional ‘use-up-what’s-left-recipes’ include stir-fries, curries, succotash, casseroles, pot pies, jambalaya, pot pies, paella, and many more.

Use What You Have

Take a look in your cupboard and fridge before you head to the grocery store. A quick inventory before you shop is a great way to stretch your food budget – by ensuring nothing ends up unused because you’ve bought too much or doubled up on perishables. And you can repurpose some of the foods you probably already have. For example, if you start saving bread loaf ends now. you’ll have plenty to use as bread crumbs when it comes time to making stuffing. Leftover rice is another potential stuffing ingredients that can use up leftovers. Apples that have lost their crunch? Overripe bananas? Both are perfect ingredients for a delicious pie.