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Never the Same Spaghetti Soup the Same Spaghetti SoupNever the Same Spaghetti Soup<div class="ExternalClass07C7ACB51622481DB6D6BE478B587D6E"><p>Have one portion of spaghetti or chili leftover, but several loved ones to feed?</p><p>Simply run a knife through your leftover bowl of noodles & sauce to dice up noodles, then set aside to add later so noodles do not become mushy! (Having three young adults, I am writing in detail with the beginning cook in mind.)</p><p>Bring a half a pot of water to a boil before adding chopped pieces of root veggies. Don't forget to cube and add any withered potatoes, tomatoes or rutabaga. </p><p>Simmer to bring out various flavours.</p><p>When veggies have softened, add in the leftover noodles and also any smaller/softer veggies and simmer a bit more. Now, get out a tasting spoon...</p><p>Not enough flavour? Add in any leftover salsas (rinse the container sparingly then add if there's room). Simmer a bit more and add veggie, beef or chicken bouillon if necessary. Just gently stir to dissolve.</p><p>For those new to cooking, either chop hard root veggie chunks such as carrots, parsnips, cauliflower, turnip and broccoli (stems) smaller or add these to the pot first to partially cook them before adding thinner/softer green beans, celery, broccoli florets (and leaves!), frozen peas, shrivelled mushrooms, kale, onion or peppers.</p> </div>Anne van RhynSurrey, BCCanada