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​Have you worked out a way to reduce your food waste when preparing meals? Or a way to keep your food fresh for longer? Are you using today’s leftovers to create new meals tomorrow? Send us your ideas and we’ll share them with everyone else. Submit your tips.

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Stale Bread for Breakfast Bread for BreakfastStale Bread for Breakfast<div class="ExternalClassFE15721716FD4CF88FB81573169367FD"><p>Don't throw out your stale bread! Here's something you can do with it: MIX-&-POUR EGGS: Rip or cut up the bread into small pieces, place in a bowl and add a couple of eggs. Mix it up, add some ve getables, add some seasoning, and pour it into a pan of heated olive or coconut oil. My favourite leftovers breakfast!!!</p></div>IvaVancouverCanada
Keep the fridge tidy by the fridge tidy byKeep the fridge tidy by<div class="ExternalClassDBF5DDF64DFB412BB29FDFADC7952B95"><div><p>​​Every time you cook bring the veggie crisper right onto the counter.  This makes it easieer to see everything you have, and you'll clean out extra scraps more readily.  Nothing gets lost under other stuff and you're likely to to clean it more often making food safer.  </p></div></div>Leah SonneVancouverCanada
Going away for a couple of days away for a couple of daysGoing away for a couple of days<div class="ExternalClass16FC921BFA984BA5A1738C987030CDBF"><p><span aria-hidden="true"></span>​1)  Put your milk in the freezer. You can thaw it out when you get home. Especially fat free milk.</p><p>2) Buy bulk meat and prepare such things as stews, enchiladas, etc that can be frozen in individual portions for warming up on a moments notice. Saves on food and money as you are less tempted to grab a burger on the way home if you can warm something up in the oven/microwave within in minutes of getting home </p></div>Daryle EhelerPort CoquitlamCanada
More legumes, less meat legumes, less meatMore legumes, less meat<div class="ExternalClass18437400F22A4E47918B74C4D4E7025C"><p>​Replacing meat with legumes saves money and legumes can be stored, either dried or canned, until needed.  <br><br></p></div>Leslie SlackDeltaCanada
Freezing Milk MilkFreezing Milk<div class="ExternalClassA2AEAD9187B141E699B295F9AE75EFBA"><p>​If you buy a 2L of milk that is near its sell-by date, divide it into at least 2 portions (save empty 1L containers for this) before freezing, then you can thaw and use one litre (or smaller amount) at a time.</p></div>AudeCanada
Freezing Bread BreadFreezing Bread<div class="ExternalClass9B1D890D2DE6407CAC9E73991EE22C70"><p>​Freeze reduced near 'sell-by date' sliced bread, and only thaw as many slices as you need at a time.</p></div>AudeCanada
Leftover Soup SoupLeftover Soup<div class="ExternalClass6AF98B5232494474B5EE1E618813A281"><p>​I have an ice cream bucket in the freezer and put left overs not enough for a meal in it. Meat, vegs, potatoes, rice, sauce. Everything. When it is full I put it in a Dutch oven add some stock veg or meat, even some juice sometimes. Put it on low on a back burner, stir every so often. It's never the same but goes very fast at my house.</p></div>GayleMaple RidgeCanada
Leftovers <div class="ExternalClassEE6FFD676FF64B819914ED3FD1CB54FD"><p>​Instead of making a different meal every day of the week, make a big batch of something and eat leftovers for a few days. This way, you save time in the kitchen and you don't need to buy as many different ingredients, which cuts down on cost and food waste! #nofoodwasted</p></div>EdVancouverCanada
Keeping fresh herbs fresh fresh herbs freshKeeping fresh herbs fresh<div class="ExternalClassDD73BE5BF1944ADD81826CB589FACE13"><p>​To keep fresh herbs fresh for longer, wash, pat dry, and store in tightly closed jars in the fridge. Jars seem to help them keep longer and cut down on plastic waste at the same time!</p></div>AnonymousVancouverCanada
Using up garlic up garlicUsing up garlic <div class="ExternalClass2CB226AE932E4045A46593E5C06318C7"><p>​To preserve and make it easier to use cloves of garlic, peel them all and put them in a jar filled with olive oil. Keep this in the fridge and they last ages!<br><br></p></div>AnonymousVancouverCanada
Strategic Shopping ShoppingStrategic Shopping<div class="ExternalClass9858AC11F89D45AEA072CC992CE2B017"><p>​Try to shop on the day of to reduce food you buy but don't actually need. I stop and double check with myself whether I actually need materials for all week or whether I will coast on leftovers or be eating out. #nofoodwasted</p></div>AnonymousVancouverCanada
Energy saving mashed potato saving mashed potatoEnergy saving mashed potato <div class="ExternalClassEEF7F2FA301442D887558820321B3CDD"><p>​Save vitamins and energy by microwaving chopped potatoes in milk then mash all together with seasonings.</p></div>SandraUnited Kingdom
Pesto - stop the mould - stop the mouldPesto - stop the mould <div class="ExternalClassE8B48B654BED4BE3B4F013E91090BC0A"><p>​<span lang="EN">For any leftover in a jar, scrape the sides of the jar and smooth the surface. Cover with enough oil so that none of the paste is exposed, then refrigerate. The oil stops the air getting to it and turning mouldy. Same can be done for tomato puree</span></p></div>Janet KorsalUnited Kingdom
Peanut Butter Jar Hot Chocolate Butter Jar Hot ChocolatePeanut Butter Jar Hot Chocolate<div class="ExternalClassB90869B4E78E45479BBE289046A632DF"><p>If you have a jar of peanut butter that is almost empty, make hot chocolate in it. The remaining peanut butter will melt into the hot chocolate and make a delicious treat!</p></div>AlisonVancouverCanada
Never the Same Spaghetti Soup the Same Spaghetti SoupNever the Same Spaghetti Soup<div class="ExternalClass07C7ACB51622481DB6D6BE478B587D6E"><p>Have one portion of spaghetti or chili leftover, but several loved ones to feed?</p><p>Simply run a knife through your leftover bowl of noodles & sauce to dice up noodles, then set aside to add later so noodles do not become mushy! (Having three young adults, I am writing in detail with the beginning cook in mind.)</p><p>Bring a half a pot of water to a boil before adding chopped pieces of root veggies. Don't forget to cube and add any withered potatoes, tomatoes or rutabaga. </p><p>Simmer to bring out various flavours.</p><p>When veggies have softened, add in the leftover noodles and also any smaller/softer veggies and simmer a bit more. Now, get out a tasting spoon...</p><p>Not enough flavour? Add in any leftover salsas (rinse the container sparingly then add if there's room). Simmer a bit more and add veggie, beef or chicken bouillon if necessary. Just gently stir to dissolve.</p><p>For those new to cooking, either chop hard root veggie chunks such as carrots, parsnips, cauliflower, turnip and broccoli (stems) smaller or add these to the pot first to partially cook them before adding thinner/softer green beans, celery, broccoli florets (and leaves!), frozen peas, shrivelled mushrooms, kale, onion or peppers.</p> </div>Anne van RhynSurrey, BCCanada
Search for Recipes Based on What’s In Your Fridge for Recipes Based on What’s In Your FridgeSearch for Recipes Based on What’s In Your Fridge<div class="ExternalClassECCFE095FB3240F6A78C8B599B720B3D"><p>Instead of getting new groceries for dinner, look in your fridge and pantry to see what ingredients you have that need using up. Then, search online for recipes that use these ingredients. </p></div>AnonymousSurreyCanada
Discount Tomato Sauce Tomato SauceDiscount Tomato Sauce<div class="ExternalClass194ED807CC5B42EB9DE0A4D49C6EC387"><p>Some grocery stores or markets have a discount section where you can buy ripe or misshapen produce. This is a great opportunity to buy fruit and vegetables more cheaply than usual, and to stock up on items that you’ll freeze or cook right away. </p><p>For example, if you buy a bag of ripe tomatoes, you could use these to make a tasty roasted tomato sauce. Simply quarter the tomatoes, roast them, let them cool slightly, and remove the skin. Then cook them down over low heat or in your slow cooker, and season as desired. </p></div>AnonymousSurreyCanada
Store Basil like Flowers Basil like FlowersStore Basil like Flowers<div class="ExternalClassEA4A5D00CE104AE4BEF0F0149D572078"><p>To make basil and other fresh herbs last, store them in a jar with water, just like you would flowers. Cover the top loosely with a plastic bag, and change out the water every few days.</p></div>AnonymousSurreyCanada
Fruit Peel Tea Peel TeaFruit Peel Tea<div class="ExternalClass40183C6F174149949B86F3F1977D14B3"><p>Steep fruit peels, like apple and orange, in hot water for a simple homemade tea. Stir in a little honey for a delicious, warm drink.</p></div>AnonymousSurreyCanada
Apple Cider Vinegar Cider VinegarApple Cider Vinegar<div class="ExternalClass42EE9994A9B24A799387C0D770501300"><p>If you have a lot of apple peels and cores leftover, use them in homemade apple cider vinegar. It takes a bit of time for the vinegar to ferment, but the process is easy.</p></div>AnonymousSurreyCanada
Chicken Stock StockChicken Stock<div class="ExternalClassBCD190B2757B435EA85715ED584A2586"><p>Ask your butcher for leftover chicken carcasses – you’ll often be able to buy them at a discount. Then use these to make chicken stock, and store any stock that you don’t use right away in your freezer. You’ll be ready to make chicken soup all winter long!</p></div>AnonymousSurreyCanada
Sweet or Savoury Bread Pudding or Savoury Bread PuddingSweet or Savoury Bread Pudding<div class="ExternalClass547A07713C28424790886897B3265D85"><p>Use stale bread, eggs, and leftover food from your fridge to make a bread pudding. You can add meat and vegetables for a savoury pudding, or fruit and other treats for a sweet one. Plus, if you have just a few spoonfuls of yogurt left in the tub, you can use those to top the bread pudding. </p></div>AnonymousSurreyCanada
Carrot storage storageCarrot storage<div class="ExternalClass88014129FA614365A7DCBD10FADB1F87"><p>​Carrots keep crisp for longer in the fridge if you remove the green tops!</p> </div>NovaVancouverCanada,
Brown paper bags for fruit paper bags for fruitBrown paper bags for fruit <div class="ExternalClass6B2F80EB1F034AC493467911841E1F0C"><p>To keep fruit crisp and fresh for longer, wash and dry apples, pears, etc. and store them in brown paper bags in the fridge.</p></div>TaraVancouverCanada
Banana peel face mask peel face maskBanana peel face mask<div class="ExternalClass47D7B897443C4A0D8B2F5CEF3E143488"><p>Use the inside of a banana peel and add a little bit of sugar then apply face mask. The peels have lots of nutrients, best if you use organic bananas.</p> </div>SabeenaBurnabyCanada
Recook your leftovers your leftoversRecook your leftovers<div class="ExternalClass5CBAC8FF569542B7B7A2DBCC13E8D0EE"><p>​Recook your leftovers in oven or stove stop instead of microwave. Add oil or extra sauce and your food will taste better.</p> </div>StuartRichmondCanada
Using juice pulp to enhance soups juice pulp to enhance soupsUsing juice pulp to enhance soups<div class="ExternalClass0D2B9C9413954EF89322F419ACF0DCA3"><p>​After I make juice with my juicer, I freeze the pulp and use it for soups. Great to thicken and add flavour and easy to just add it to the blender!</p> </div>SabeenaBurnabyCanada
Growing plants from scraps plants from scrapsGrowing plants from scraps<div class="ExternalClass24505E8A280246E8B054D691A1EEEBC8"> <p>Many of the scraps you would often throw away anyway can be given new life, and grown into new plants​. Check out this video to see how easy it is.</p><p> <a href=""></a></p></div>Tess KitchenBurnabyCanada
Save your organic seeds your organic seedsSave your organic seeds<div class="ExternalClass2EFAB66A6061432FBFAB9BCFC1CDC00D"><p>​I have collected seeds from veggies, even  plain old green peppers, and grown them in average soil with decent results, so I can only imagine how well you'd do with organic and heirloom seeds.  If this seems difficult, just like you have a container for organic kitchen waste, ( I put mine in the freezer to prevent bugs ) you can get a container for cores and collect a few, and store them in the fridge, then take the seeds out all at once rather than every single time you cook. </p></div>Leah SonneVancouverCanada
Freezing broccoli broccoliFreezing broccoli<div class="ExternalClass33F27E05805143639B87708991288941"><p>​Freeze cut up broccoli and then use it steamed or in stir fry, also works for corn on cob and cooked rice!</p></div>AnonymousRichmondCanada
Eggs in fridge in fridgeEggs in fridge<div class="ExternalClass831E508F1F4B4560BD68D52EF978510A">​Don't store your eggs on the fridge door because it's the warmest part of the fridge. Store it on one of the middle or top shelves instead. #nofoodwaste<br><br></div>AnonymousRichmondCanada
Food Saver SaverFood Saver <div class="ExternalClass9FF02B3821CA49419E26A8C5CB5FFB6A"><p>Use a food saver vacuum sealer to keep anything fresh longer. I use mine all the time. For cream cheese or sour cream, I wrap and seal the whole opened container, then put it in the freezer.​</p></div>WilmaRichmondCanada
Chicken Soup SoupChicken Soup <div class="ExternalClassF1C3B2A5341945B7B4C0DCE8A3A073BE"><p>​Use the carcass of a store bought whole deli BBQ chicken to make soup with anything you have in your fridge and some rice. Chopping up bacon and frying it then throwing it in different soups also gives great flavour. #nofoodwasted</p></div>DawnRichmondCanada
Cooking for one with ground beef for one with ground beefCooking for one with ground beef <div class="ExternalClass399EE29236DA4E5E8615BF377E06C942"><p>​Cooking for one doesn't have to be wasteful. I cook a big batch of ground beef with some chopped onions, then freeze individual portions of it. The pre-cooked beef can be used in chilli, soups, or anything else straight from the freezer. #nofoodwasted<br><br></p></div>DawnRichmondCanada
Stews and pasta sauce for quick after work dinners and pasta sauce for quick after work dinnersStews and pasta sauce for quick after work dinners<div class="ExternalClass753A28561A804B159EEB4B766B44414C"><p>​Make a big batch of stew or spaghetti sauce ahead of time using whatever is around in your fridge and freeze small portions to save it for throughout the week. This way, you don't have to throw out leftover sauce or stew and can get through it all!<br><br></p></div>VickiBurnabyCanada
Burping your Tupperware your TupperwareBurping your Tupperware<div class="ExternalClassD5D58BBC95F14F7C8F02409C0D6D4C33"><p>​To keep produce fresher for longer, store it in Tupperware containers in the fridge and "burp" the containers to get all the air out. To do this, put the lid on then press down on one end while lifting the corner of the opposite end to press the air out. Quickly snap it shut and you will have fresh produce for longer!<br><br></p></div>Madeleine Canada
Crisp lettuce tip lettuce tipCrisp lettuce tip <div class="ExternalClass10FA267D8DF7450A9A46E763C810B7FB"><p>​To avoid brown lettuce, never cut it with a metal knife. This makes it wilt and go brown much faster than if you just tear it with your hands or use a plastic corer. #nofoodwasted</p></div>MadeleineBurnabyCanada
Nut storage storageNut storage<div class="ExternalClassA59AF60F772540539D06D7E66AFFA536"><p>​keep nuts in the fridge so their oils won't go rancid #nofoodwasted<br><br></p></div>Brad GillardBurnabyCanada
Leave food in its original packaging instead of wrapping in plastic. food in its original packaging instead of wrapping in plastic.Leave food in its original packaging instead of wrapping in plastic. <div class="ExternalClass8F95010D0E4B480599CEF660E631BE05"><p>​Cheese and packs of bell peppers will stay fresher in its original packaging. Don't re-wrap them. #nofoodwasted</p></div>AnonymousBurnabyCanada
Carrot Storage StorageCarrot Storage <div class="ExternalClass8B02EA6A08564E10B7D9486E5F0F5136"><p>​Peel carrots and cut into sticks ahead of time, then store them in a container with water in the fridge. This keeps them from drying out and helps them stay fresh!</p></div>AnonymousBurnabyCanada
Tomato Tip TipTomato Tip <div class="ExternalClass2B3256F368FB4B28981395E824BDF8CB"><p>​Keep your tomatoes in the fridge to prolong shelf life, then take them out 4 hours before eating to let them return to room temperature. #nofoodwasted</p></div>Darren FergusonBurnabyCanada
Hard Lemons LemonsHard Lemons <div class="ExternalClass2BE4A269829E48E3880D9876A8A2F99E"><p>If your lemons are a bit old and hard, microwave them for 15 seconds then roll them to soften them up and get more juice out. #nofoodwasted</p></div>LaylaBurnabyCanada
Freeze broth, gravy, and wine broth, gravy, and wineFreeze broth, gravy, and wine<div class="ExternalClassCD23C0E33DF24F57A8B3F0D06A80A748"><p>Freeze broth, gravy, and wine in plastic containers and use small portions as needed. </p><p>#nofoodwasted</p></div>HeatherNorth VancouverCanada
Line celery with paper towel celery with paper towelLine celery with paper towel <div class="ExternalClass8AD5009B231847C382342F885D94FB2D"><p>​line celery with paper towel to help it last longer<br><br></p></div>MargitDeltaCanada
Line green onions and radishes with paper towel before putting in the fridge green onions and radishes with paper towel before putting in the fridgeLine green onions and radishes with paper towel before putting in the fridge <div class="ExternalClass8E188E0477E34F51884731851618F724"><p>​line with paper towel your green onions and radishes when you put in the fridge</p><p>Cut the green tops off your radishes when you store in fridge </p><p>Slice peppers in rings/chunks. Freeze </p></div>MargitDeltaCanada
Ice cube tray your pesto cube tray your pestoIce cube tray your pesto <div class="ExternalClass71F9514CD3624B398B0CC8C213071BFA"><p>​make a batch of pesto with herbs and nuts that need to be used up and freeze it in ice cube trays to make it last. When you want to ad some flavour to a dish pop a cube of pesto into it.</p></div>AnonymousDeltaCanada
Garlic preservation preservationGarlic preservation<div class="ExternalClass6E9006E920AC4FD9ABF80F57ECC78F19"><p>​​Peel your garlic and put it in a jar of oil in the fridge to preserve it for much longer!</p></div>AnonymousDeltaCanada
save your peppers your pepperssave your peppers<div class="ExternalClass526C81B55F9C42CCA878DF2073D0E92B"><p>​If you are cutting red,yellow or red peppers and don't use them all for your recipes, wrap the cut pieces in paper towel and then put in plastic bag in crisper of your fridge and they won't go soft for several days.   </p></div>Patricia LorenzSurreyCanada
Take Stock of Waste Stock of WasteTake Stock of Waste <div class="ExternalClass67ECF49DB53940428E278C54CB4A5129"><p>​Got leftover bottoms of carrots, celery, onion, leeks and fennel? Save them for homemade soup stock and bone broths. Also, hold onto your citrus peels and fruit zest to enhance the flavour of other meals.</p></div>Chelsey WhistlerCanada,
Keep strawberries longer strawberries longerKeep strawberries longer<div class="ExternalClass439A4D5A820F49F7A2997FF4CAAA83BB"><p>Keep your store-bought strawberries in a glass canning jar rather than the plastic clamshell it comes in- lasts about a week longer.</p></div>April LevineSurreyCanada