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Use Your Leftovers this New Year Your Leftovers this New YearUse Your Leftovers this New Year<div class="ExternalClassEDF0D78DC66F400899D9DF2106AE182F"><p>Food plays a major role in Lunar New Year celebrations. The Chinese New Year dinner is the biggest cultural feast of the year, often with the same number of communal dishes as diners. Food served at the celebration is symbolic of good fortune, longevity, and prosperity.</p><p>Food-centred celebrations and leftovers go hand-in-hand. Leftovers can signify surplus and abundance, which will set a precedent for the coming year. So, rather than wasting them, share them with family and friends, or use them up in delicious recipes. We’ve got a few ideas to get you started below.</p><div class="row"><div class="small-8 columns"> <img alt="LFHW_ChineseNewYear_Meal_837x570.png" src="/about/discussions/PublishingImages/Lists/Discussions/AllItems/LFHW_ChineseNewYear_Meal_837x570.png" /> <br> </div></div> <br> <p>Avoid Serving More Food Than You Need</p><ul style="list-style-type:disc;"><li>If you're dining out, bring your own container to the restaurant and take home unfinished food.</li><li>Try to order only what you'll eat. Talk to your server about the size of the dishes to avoid over-ordering.</li><li>If you're preparing a meal at home, write a detailed shopping list before you go to the grocery store</li></ul><p>Use Up Leftovers Creatively</p><ul style="list-style-type:disc;"><li>Plan for leftovers to last the next few days. When you shop for your New Year dinner, also pick up any ingredients you'll need to make use of your leftovers. </li><li>Don't let the food sweat on the table for hours. Store your leftovers safely – get them into the fridge or freezer within two hours.</li><li>Share leftovers with guests in re-usable containers. Ask guests to bring containers, or have an ample supply on hand, so that everyone can leave with a bit of the feast for the next day.</li><li>If you are a guest, don't refuse the leftovers. You might be doing your host a favour by taking some of that extra food off their hands.</li><li>Freeze your leftovers. Freeze individual sized portions that you can re-heat for a quick meal.</li><li>Cook creatively. There are plenty of recipes online to use up pork, fish, vegetables, noodles and more. Search for recipes based on what you have on hand and get inspired!</li><li>Use fish bones or fish head to make soup or specialty dishes.</li><li>Add bits of meat and vegetables to leftover plain rice to make fried rice.</li><li>Pork and fish bones are the base for a simple, nutritious clear soup. Simmer blanched pork bones with daikon, goji berries and dates for a rich pork broth. Or, combine whole fish bones and shrimp shells for a savoury seafood broth.</li><li>Make a broth a meal by adding leftover dumplings, noodles, and vegetables.</li><li>Dried tangerine peels are perfect to add to congee and dessert soups to enhance the flavor.</li><li>Make a proven ancient remedy to soothe a sore throat by preserving tangerine peels with salt.</li></ul></div>Canada