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Five shopping tips to end food waste shopping tips to end food wasteFive shopping tips to end food waste<div class="ExternalClass7C34D75B29FB4BCCAD76CBD0E9E84CE6"><p>Our society wastes food. It's appalling.</p><p>Households in Metro Vancouver, where I live, generate about <a href="" target="_blank">190,000 tonnes of food waste every year</a>! And over 100,000 tonnes of that could have been eaten.</p><p>Our understanding of food waste has come a long way in five years — when I first shared how to use refrigerator <a href="/keep-it-fresh/fridge/Pages/default.aspx" target="_blank">crisper drawers</a> properly. </p><p>Now:</p><p><strong>There's a movie!</strong> Watch <a href="" target="_blank">Just Eat It: a food waste story</a> (<a href="" target="_blank">@JustEatItFilm</a>) by filmmakers Grant and Jen, who ate rescued food for six months. It will change the way you shop and cook!</p><p>There's a movement. Follow <a href="" target="_blank">#NoFoodWasted</a>.</p><p>It's illegal. Metro Vancouver said, "Food isn't garbage!" and <a href="" target="_blank">banned organics</a> going to the landfill. Check out <a href="/">Love Food Hate Waste</a> (<a href="" target="_blank">@LFHW_ca</a>). And in France, grocery stores can <a href="" target="_blank">no longer destroy unsold food</a>. They must donate it.</p><h2>Five shopping and cooking tips to reduce food waste</h2><p><strong>Pick the first one</strong></p><p>This goes for things like dairy items. Don't reach to the back. Grab from the front.</p><p><strong>Pick the last one</strong></p><p>Nobody likes to be picked last. Same goes for the lonely head of lettuce on display.</p><p><strong>Pick the brown, spotted or crooked ones</strong></p><p>Imperfect looking produce only wants to be <a href="" target="_blank">tasted, not wasted</a> (<a href="" target="_blank">@UglyFruitAndVeg</a>).</p><p><strong>Choose overripe produce, sometimes</strong></p><p>See that pineapple? It's going to be mouldy tomorrow. And it came all the way from Hawaii! I know it's not organic or local but it's dumpster-bound unless you buy it.</p><p><strong>Choose single bananas</strong></p><p>Grab a few single bananas next time instead of choosing a bunch.</p><p>Are you a food waster? Only you really know. <a href="" target="_blank">Take the quiz</a>.</p><p>Sincerely, Lindsay Coulter<br> A fellow Queen of Green</p></div>Lindsay CoulterVancouverCanada,