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Share Your Leftovers This Easter Your Leftovers This EasterShare Your Leftovers This Easter<div class="ExternalClassF25EFC7962F84BDD9AB48CAB30EFA67C"> <p>Hosting an Easter meal can leave you with a fridge full of odds and ends. We've pulled together delicious recipes and tasty tips to help you use up common Easter items – they're so good your family will look forward to leftovers!</p><p>If you can't use them in time, be sure to freeze your leftovers within two days to enjoy down the road.</p><h3>Recipes</h3><p>Give yesterday’s feast new life with one of our tasty recipes to use up leftovers. </p><div class="row"><div class="small-12 medium-4 columns"><p> <strong>Leftover Mashed Potatoes</strong></p><p> <a href="/plan-it-out/recipes/leftover-mashed-potato-gnocchi"><img src="/plan-it-out/recipes/RecipeImages/mashed-potato-gnocchi.jpg" alt="" /></a><br> <a href="/plan-it-out/recipes/leftover-mashed-potato-gnocchi">Mashed Potato Gnocchi</a> </p></div><div class="small-12 medium-4 columns"><p> <strong>Leftover Ham</strong></p><p> <a href="/plan-it-out/recipes/easter-quiche-lorraine"><img src="/plan-it-out/recipes/RecipeImages/easter-quiche-lorraine.jpg" alt="" /></a><br> <a href="/plan-it-out/recipes/easter-quiche-lorraine">Easter Quiche Lorraine</a></p></div><div class="small-12 medium-4 columns"><p> <strong>Leftover Chocolate</strong></p><p> <a href="/plan-it-out/recipes/easter-chocolate-mousse"><img src="/plan-it-out/recipes/RecipeImages/easter-chocolate-mousse.jpg" alt="" /></a><br> <a href="/plan-it-out/recipes/easter-chocolate-mousse">Peanut Butter and Easter Chocolate Mousse Tarts</a></p></div></div><h3>Ideas</h3><p>Hop to it! Try one of our tasty tips to use up leftovers.</p><p> <em>Spare Asparagus<br></em>Add a springy touch to risotto or a <a href="/plan-it-out/recipes/fridge-harvest-frittata/fridge-harvest-frittata">frittata</a> with leftover asparagus.</p><p> <em>Carrots</em><br>Blend surplus roasted carrots into a soup or <a href="/plan-it-out/recipes/creamy-roasted-vegetable-dip/creamy-roasted-vegetable-dip">roasted vegetable dip</a>.</p><p> <em>Lamb</em><br>Roast lamb is perfect stirred into a hearty curry.</p><p> <em>Ham</em><br>Extra ham = tasty sandwiches. Easter pro tip: add more flavour to your mayo by stirring in garlic, hot sauce, or spices like curry or turmeric.</p><p> <em>Hot Cross Buns</em><br>Use halved buns in place of the bread slices to make egg-cellent French toast.</p><p> <em>Chocolate</em><br>Was the Easter bunny too generous this year? Roughly chop extra chocolate eggs and use in place of chocolate chips in baking. Or freeze your chocolate to save it for a sweet snack down the road.</p><p> <em>Share Your Ideas</em><br>What do you do to use up Easter leftovers? <a href="/get-inspired/ideas/Pages/default.aspx">Share your ideas</a></p></div>Canada